STOUT AGRO AND OIL«STOUT AGRO AND OIL» is one of the ambitious contenders for leadership in the field of trade in grains and oilseeds, food processing and oil products. This multinational trading company was created through the merger of the assets of British oil trader and agricultural holding. Despite the fact that Ukraine and Romania, the company opened its offices recently, it surely begins its path to success. The activity of the company is primarily focused on the import of agricultural products in the European Union, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, as well as imports of petroleum products in Eastern Europe.

The idea of ​​creating «STOUT AGRO AND OIL» appeared many years ago. With rapid growth, we began to expand and conquer new markets. The opening of each office receiving a lot of effort and attention, heads of companies are working diligently to quality personnel training, the formation of the style of work, focused on meeting the needs of customers as well as finding reliable suppliers. The team «STOUT AGRO AND OIL» consists of young and experienced sales managers, hedgers, financiers and logistics experts from the UK, Romania and Ukraine. Each employee is fully adheres to the basic values ​​of the company - reliability, efficiency and environmental friendliness. One of our main goals - to ensure food and energy security in the world.

It is important that the bulk purchase of products for the export of agricultural products, the company produces in Ukraine and Romania. Investing in promising regions are very important for us, that's why «STOUT AGRO AND OIL» maintains relationships with leading farms, which gives the opportunity to provide consumers the highest quality product.

The main principles of the company - it is a universal approach to each customer and vendor, competitive pricing and a lack of bureaucracy.

«STOUT AGRO AND OIL» - will become a trusted friend and partner for every client. The company works with all your wishes and is ready to provide full services in buying and selling products. There are closely watching to ensure that the time and finances were in good order and under the complete control of the client.

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